Recipe – Chopped Tuna Salad over Greens

Occasionally I crave the tuna of my childhood, sans the extra mayo, served with some health along with that traditional taste.  Recently, on a late Sunday morning, I made this salad that each of my 3 kids gave a thumbs up to – victory.

I prepared this dish with a vegan mayonnaise brand, Vegenaise, which I think is to the most classical tasting substitute mayo, (my son and I are allergic/sensitive to eggs).

As my kids looked on, I chopped the carrots, celery and onion very fine.  I think the carrots lend a bit of sweetness and flavor depth, as well as complimenting the slight crunch of the onions and celery.

tuna salad ingredients

serves 5

What you’ll need

canned tuna, 2 cans, I like chunk light tongol tuna – low mercury, good flavor

mayonaise, 2 tablespoons, I recommend Hellman’s or Veganaise

olive oil, extra virgin for drizzling

red wine vinegar, a splash to taste, maybe 1 teaspoon

carrot, 1, peeled and chopped fine

celery, 1 rib, chopped fine

onion, 1/4 of whole or 1 tablespoon, chopped fine

salad greens, I used 1 large romaine head, chopped bite size

sea salt & pepper to taste

Optional – dill pickle chopped fine

To Prepare

1. Open and drain tuna.  Wash and drain lettuce, chop into bite size pieces. Chop fine the carrot, celery and onion.

2. Toss the vegetables, reserving some for a finish sprinkling, with the tuna along with the mayonnaise and vinegar. Taste and season to your liking.

3. Lay the lettuce in individual bowls, dollop the tuna on top, sprinkle with veggies and pickle if using, and drizzle with olive oil and a fresh grinding of salt and pepper. Bon Appetit!