Is Coffee Healthy?

The answer is yes, it can be, depending on how you order yours.

I know a very healthy person who drinks coffee everyday, black, no sugar.  He is fit, lives a clean lifestyle, and his coffee preference reflects that.

I also know a very unhealthy person, who’s obese, smokes and orders a 20 ounce coffee with artificial favors and sweeteners, contributing to her poor health. The way she orders her coffee reflects her daily eating habits; artificial additives, refined sugars, added chemicals.

Coffee is at once is lauded for it’s antioxidants which contribute to reducing cancers as well as it’s increased risk for high blood pressure and cholesterol.  I think the examples above dictate which outcomes prevail.

The main issue is, any health benefits get cancelled out when we add excessive sugar, artificial flavor and chemicals, which is how many of us consume it.

Coffee is the most consumed beverage in the world. I enjoy several cups per week myself, black, and not darkly roasted. Sorry, but I think Starbucks coffee tastes burnt and masks the true coffee bean flavor. I guess many get by that by ordering fancy drinks concocted with several forms of sugar, natural and otherwise.

How do you prefer your coffee?

Prefer decaffeinated?  Make sure it’s naturally, or Swiss water processed, otherwise chemicals are used to remove the caffeine.